Investigate an Indonesian girlfriend or cheating husband in Indonesia

Indonesia private investigator
Indonesia private detectives and investigators. Indonesia private detectives and investigations covering infidelity cases, Indonesian girlfriend background checks, surveillance, missing persons in Indonesia, and marriage record searches in Bali, Jakarta, and Surabaya.

Indonesia private detective network of professional Indonesia private investigators offering you discreet and professional private investigation services. We can investigate your Indonesian girlfriend, cheating husband on a business trip in Indonesia, or another individual. We also offer business background checks and other services.

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Indonesia Private Detective, investigator services is a network of highly trained private investigators who are very well versed in Indonesian customs and culture. All of our Indonesia private detectives are trained professionals, all with numerous years of experience in Bali, Jakarta and all other regions of Indonesia. Our Indonesia private investigators have a vast knowledge of the common problems associated with Indonesian/Western relationships. We have extensive first-hand experience of every angle and scenario commonly requested for investigation.

Speacialists in catching cheaters!
We specialize in catching cheating Western husbands on holiday or business trips in Indonesia and Indonesian girlfriends with western (Bule) boyfriends and husbands living abroad. Many cases involve foreign men who have girlfriends here in Indonesia.

If you suspect something is wrong and that someone you love may be cheating on you, we can find out the truth! We are experts in our field, and we use all the latest miniature high tech equipment to provide you with concrete evidence that can't be disputed or denied!

Indonesia private investigations:
Foreign men (Westerners) cheating on their wives or girlfriends.
Indonesian girlfriends living in Indonesia and cheating on their western boyfriends.
We offer business and corporate background checks.
Private security services, including personal bodyguards.
Missing persons in Indonesia.

Cheating Indonesian girlfriends
Is your Indonesian girlfriend causing problems for you? Is she cheating on you? If she is in Indonesia and you are not, and suspicious things keep happening, chances are there is a reason why. Find out the truth!

Cheating husband Indonesia
If your husband is in Bali or Jakarta, chances are he has been to one of the many bars here and quite possibly taken a bar girl home with him! It is a very common thing here. Find out the truth!

Cheating Indonesian spouse
Is your Indonesian husband or wife cheating on you? Find out the truth and then use the indisputable evidence we give you to make an informed decision on what to do about it.

Business and corporate background checks
If you are planning to do business in Indonesia, we can help by doing a background check for you to determine the facts about a private company or corporation you are considering doing business with here in Indonesia.

Full investigations and reporting:
Have your spouse, girlfriend or partner followed.
Photographic proof of questionable acts.
Interview with the third party if possible, to obtain useful information.
A daily written report and photographic evidence of any suspect activities.
Digital voice recording, when possible.
Complete business background checks.

Indonesia Private Detective is a group of private detectives and investigators offering a wide range of private investigation services in Bali, Jakarta, and Surabaya. Our prices and services vary according to the individual investigation work that is required to help clients get the information they need. Our private investigation network consists of Indonesian nationals and foreign expatriate (expat) investigators that have extensive private investigation skills.

Locations, service areas
The standard services areas of investigation are Bali and Jakarta. In addition, we provide
Indonesia private detective services in all other provinces. We go anywhere and everywhere in Indonesia, and all of South East Asia also. Services in different regions of Southeast Asia are available through our partner network. Thailand private investigators, Pattaya private investigator, and Thailand private detective.

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We understand the impact that an investigation may have on both the client and the subject, so we are cautious about making sure our client's privacy is safe and secure. All of our private investigators work from a subjective position assuming all is good until the facts prove otherwise. We only provide the facts and the truth as we discover as an independent third party with no stake in the results. It makes it possible for us to deliver a fact-based report with an unbiased conclusion based on what the investigation has revealed. The result is a clear picture of the situation for the client and a finding of the truth.

Indonesia private investigator services

Cases accepted:
Discreet private investigation of your husband in Indonesia.
Investigate your Indonesian girlfriend, fiancée, or wife.
Private investigation of a cheating spouse in Indonesia.
Corporate or business background checks and business verification.
Missing persons, missing children, or relatives in Indonesia.
Private security and bodyguard services in Indonesia.
Lost or missing Indonesian girlfriend or fiancée.

Investigations we will NOT consider:
Obtaining phone records or pre-paid phone records.
Obtaining passwords, online bank account information.
Bank account information or bank balance checking.
Political interests.
Intellectual property cases.
Blackmail. - Not acceptable.
Surveillance equipment or listening devices inside a personal residence or business.
We do not do phone tapping or phone bugging.
No criminal activity such as organized crime .

Indonesia private investigator
We thoroughly screen any inquiry we receive and many times we will refuse a case if we suspect the client intends to harm a subject. We will not participate in any investigation if we assess the goal is to cause physical harm to the investigated party, or others they may know. We will not accept any case that involves criminal activity; this is a job for the local police, not a private investigator. We will not take any case involving political interests, or any government official, law official, or public figure such as celebrities. We are cautious about choosing cases to find the facts in a personal or business situation. But if you are out to harm someone, we won't help you, nor will we assist you in any way in finding any information to harm another individual. If you are out for revenge on someone, don’t ask us to help you, we won’t.

Indonesia private investigator services
Indonesian girlfriend who was, or is still working in a bar or other nightlife establishments in Indonesia. Many clients have a Indonesian girlfriend but live in another country. When things go wrong, or suspicious activities arise, it may be time to call in a Indonesia private investigator to help you get the facts.

If your husband is on a business or pleasure trip to Indonesia and you suspect he may have a Indonesian girlfriend or maybe frequenting sex clubs or other establishments. You may want to hire an
Indonesia private investigator to help you get the facts and determine if in fact, he is having an extramarital affair here in Indonesia with a bar girl or other Indonesian woman.

If you are planning to do business with an Indonesian firm or planning to spend a large amount of money on products or services in Indonesia, you may want to hire an Indonesia private investigator to make sure the company is legitimate. There are many Internet scams and other scams that take advantage of foreigners by pretending to be a legitimate business and often people lose significant amounts of money to these scams. Hiring an Indonesia private detective to help you get the facts and determine if the business is legit may save you lots of money in the long run.

If you have lost a friend, relative, child or parent in Indonesia, you may want to hire an
Indonesia private investigator to help you locate the individual. Sometimes people lose contact with loved ones or relatives here in Indonesia, and an Indonesia private investigator may be the best option in locating lost or missing persons. We have been very successful in the past with tracing missing persons.

Indonesia private detective
If you are looking to export products from Indonesia to your country, we can assist you in finding a reputable company that can supply you with the products you need. We will also do a thorough check of the business for you to ensure the company you are dealing with is legitimate and has an excellent reputation for doing business Internationally. Checking a company out before you decide to do business with them from abroad is a good idea, especially if large amounts of money are involved.

If you are purchasing a property or land in Indonesia and need to have the land, house, or other property verified, you may want to hire a Indonesia private detective/Investigator to help you. We can determine that all is in order, and the deal is a safe and legal transaction.

There are many reasons one might consider hiring an
Indonesia private investigator, and we are usually able to help in almost any circumstance. As long as it doesn’t involve any criminal activity or physically harm another person, we can help. However, if you are having problems with your Indonesia lady and you think something may be going on that isn’t okay with you, please feel free to contact us and let us help you discover the truth of the matter so you can decide what you want to do.

Private investigator Jakarta
Are you are a woman from a western country and aware of what goes on in Indonesia in the bars and nightlife establishments here? Are you worried that your husband, boyfriend, or fiancée may be having an affair with a Indonesian woman or a Indonesian bar girl or prostitute? Please contact us. We will investigate the matter for you and give you the facts. The truth is out there!

If you have any other legitimate concern and need to hire a Indonesia private investigator to assist you, please feel free to contact us at any time with your
Indonesia private investigator, inquiry, and we will do our very best to help you resolve the matter with a fact-based investigation designed to help you know the truth, based on the facts provided.

Get peace of mind
Hey, we get it. Peace of mind is the bottom line, while privacy is a top priority. It is the reason people contact us; they want to know the truth. There is nothing worse than not knowing the truth. Dark secrets hiding in the shadows isn't fun for anyone. It eats away at your peace of mind and causes stress and worry. So, we understand your dilemma. When we take a case, we understand what the end game is. It is to give the client peace of mind while resolving the situation with the truth.

Your Indonesia private investigator
Refer to us as your personal Indonesia private investigator. Contact us through
our website’s contact page twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We are always open to serve you. So, we look forward to hearing from you. Our record of successful results sets us apart from any other Indonesia private investigator. We also take pride in producing the results for which you are paying. We reveal the truth, AND we get the proof! All the while, your privacy is assured.

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